Which are the best packaging systems for food?

The main reason for companies in the food industry to spend time choosing which packaging system is the best solution for them is the containment of the food that is being packaged. Good packaging can protect food against physical and biological damage as well as helping to guard against environmental impacts.

Packaging is also an important marketing tool. It can help to display food at its best, so that customers are more likely to invest in the product. So which are the best packaging systems for companies in the food industry to use?

Which are the most common methods of packaging food?
There are three methods of packaging which are most commonly used in the food industry:

  1. Flow pack wrapping – A horizontal motion process which is used to wrap various shaped products in polypropylene, with or without a tray
  2. Heat shrinking – In which products are covered in a plastic wrapping which is shrunk to the size of the product using heat
  3. Vacuum sealing – Where products are placed in a plastic bag or pouch and the air is removed from the packing by a specially designed machine, before the packing is sealed.

All of these packaging processes are in regular use in the food industry and they all have their own advantages.

Flow pack packaging

This type of packaging is in wide everyday use in the food industry. The packaging is popular because it enables water and oxygen to permeate reducing dehydration and decreasing the changes of any weight loss to the product. This can help products to look good for longer on the shelf. This type of packaging can be used clear or printed, so companies have the opportunity to use branding on the packaging. Including colour and creativity can help draw the customers attention to the product.

Heat shrinking

Shrink wrapping is an affordable solution that can help make food pleasant to look at while it’s on the shelf. One of the biggest advantages of this packaging system is that is can be used to wrap products of any shape or size. The food item is simply wrapped in a plastic covering which is then shrunk to fit. The packaging is highly durable, so it remains intact even during long transportation journeys. Using this solution also means that products take up less room during transportation and when they are on the shelf.

Italian company minipack®-torre has been at the forefront of packaging systems for over four decades and introduced innovative heat shrinking systems for small and medium enterprises as far back as 1976. Today, the company is highly respected in the field, and provides free sample testing to find the best heat shrinking solution for customers.

Vacuum sealing

This is the best packaging solution for any company that needs to protect food products for long periods of time. This can be especially useful if products need to be transported over long distances. Packaging in this way helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. It can also help to reduce the chances of freezer burn occurring.

As you can see, each of these packaging solutions is one of the best. Flow pack packaging helps to preserve products in the shorter term and can be used to represent a company’s brand. Heat shrink wrapping is highly durable and helps to make the product stand out on the shelf. Vacuum sealing is usually the best option if food needs to be preserved in the longer term. Each company makes the best choice for them, based on their requirements.

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