Trends in Organic Breads Brings in New Customers

When you own a restaurant, or restaurant finding a reliable supplier of organic breads for customers that delivers regularly is key. The demand for natural organic breads has increased in the past several years from consumers across the US.

There are many trends that drive the market for organic breads. One is the focus on good health. Consumers want breads that use natural ingredients, provide energy, have vitamins and minerals, and are not over processed. You will find most customers lead a busy lifestyle and do not have time to bake. They want quality bread when they buy it for home or eat out.

Consumers are constantly looking for new tastes and flavors. Organic breads provide a variety of tasty choices to make sandwiches and other snacks. There are many varieties of organic bread from suppliers for restaurants and stores to purchase. There is flaxseed, whole wheat, sprouted wheat, multigrain, raisin, white honey, and more.

When customers get value for their dollar they are more likely to keep purchasing the product. Organic bread delivers flavor and health value to customers in a restaurant or supermarket.

The organic sliced bread market continues to grow, and customers like to try new bread products. Health in the US drives the market and sliced organic breads are popular. More organic breads without preservatives and additives that a are being packaged and sold.

Consumers look for a clean label that lists ingredients. A clean label often means low sugar, free from GMO products, natural ingredients. and even less ingredients. The clean label and how it is defined continues to evolve. Customer want to recognize the ingredients in bread and know what they are eating. More consumers are reading labels than ever before.

Many supermarkets and restaurants have added sprouted wheat because they it is good for digestion and health. Many have added organic breads made with whole wheat flour to their orders. Many consumers eat organic breads because they feel fuller and it helps them lose weight easier. They enjoy the added health benefits.

Finding a reliable organic bread supplier for organic bread distribution means finding a bakery or supplier that delivers regularly to your restaurant, supermarket or school. There are many great ideas for making a delicious sandwich using organic breads. When you use these organic breads giving consumers a recipe to try at home spurs sales. Here are some sandwich ideas using organic whole wheat bread.

Below is another sandwich recipe:

Crunchy Turkey Clubs

4 slices or organic bread
4 slices of lean turkey breast
4 slices of thinly sliced white cheddar cheese
1 pickling cucumber peeled and sliced thin
1 tomato sliced thin
1 red onion thinly sliced
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 tablespoon spicy mustard

On one slice of bread put two slices of turkey breast, and one slice of cheddar cheese. Peel the cucumber and slice very thin add this to the sandwich. Wash and peel the tomato and slice very thin. Add this to the sandwich. Cut the ends off the onion and remove peel. Slice very thin and add to sandwich. Spread the other slice of organic bread with some mayonnaise and mustard. Put two slices together and slice sandwich in two. This makes two sandwiches.

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