The Wonders of Smoked Salmon

Seafood of any kind has become a very popular dish in today’s society. While it may not be in everyone’s favourite tastes, most people either love it or hate it, and there’s rarely any feelings that land in between the two. With that said, there are a few types of seafood, like tuna and shrimp, that seem to be generally accepted by everybody, regardless of how they feel about seafood as a whole. Salmon is a very popular fish that seems to be an easy entryway into the world of seafood or sushi, as it is so popular and has a mild taste and silky texture compared to some other fish.

Types of Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is a very popular option for seafood lovers, especially those who appreciate a deeper flavour than what most seafood offers on its own. This is why the dish is so popular, and smoked salmon gifts may also be given due to how strongly the dish is loved. With that said, there are actually two kinds of smoked salmon, and the two types are very different from each other.

Cold-smoked salmon is actually raw, as it is smoked at a very low heat for many hours and never reaches a temperature that would be hot enough to cook the meat. Because of this, cold-smoked salmon would be great for people who love sushi, but would prefer a smokier taste. It is best and most often paired with creamy ingredients like avocado or cream cheese.

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Hot-smoked salmon, on the other hand, is fully cooked and typically smoked at a temperature of around 378 to 121 degrees Celsius. As one is cooked and the other isn’t, the most significant difference between hot and cold smoked salmon is the texture, as one is firm and chewy and the other is soft and silky, like most sushi.

Nutritional Value of Smoked Salmon

Seafood is often praised for its nutritional value, otherwise many people typically forget just how great fish can be for your health. Of course, certain compounds that can be found present in fish are best when consumed only in moderation, as they could cause issues if consumed too heavily. Salmon itself has high concentrations of B vitamins, vitamin D, protein, selenium, and magnesium. Smoked salmon, in particular, is a great source of the Omega 3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which are great for reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration, and heart disease.

With that said, eating too much smoked salmon could also be a bad thing, as certain compounds present in the fish could cause issues in high amounts. For example, smoked salmon typically contains very high amounts of salt due to it being cured before the smoking process. Some studies have shown that eating a lot of smoked foods could also increase your risk of cancer, but there isn’t enough evidence on this idea to be sure in this case.

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