The Latest Coffee House Trends In 2019

Millions of people all over the world enjoy coffee on a daily basis. In fact, coffee is not only the leading caffeinated beverage of choice the world over, but it is also one of the largest exports surpassing oil. Coffee is also the main economic factor ensuring the sustainability of many smaller countries throughout the world who rely in this important export to avoid poverty. Let’s just say that coffee is a fairly important beverage in today’s world.

With that being said, we are finding new and more innovative ways to serve coffee as is seen in the latest café trends in the UK and the US. Whether you choose a nitrogen coffee, a cold brew, or one of the latest super coffees, your next cup of coffee could be much more interesting and flavourful than the last.

If you own a café or restaurant where you serve specialty coffees, or you just really like your coffee, keep reading for some of the latest coffee trends of 2019:

The Latest Coffee Trends In 2019

Quality Batch Brewing- in the past, we have seen a trend toward smaller, more distinct coffee servings which, in itself, were good, but customers wanted more. For 2019, we are seeing much larger batches of specialty coffees which enables cafes to serve a higher quality coffee to more people saving time and money.

Super Coffees- super coffees, a trend that began in 2018, is still going strong in 2019 as more and more cafes are serving the superpowered drinks. Specialty coffees are becoming more beneficial and potent with the addition of protein powders, collagen powder, spices, maca powder and more.

Coffee House Experience Everywhere- want the experience you get from a much larger coffee house at your local smaller café? More and more restaurants, cafes, even food trucks are creating a new coffee house experience that mimics the much larger retailers but without the long lines and higher prices. Multisensorial coffee events and coffee tastings are being held throughout the EU and the US.

Artistic Coffees- in 2019, you will see more glitter and glam added to your morning cup of coffee. Many leading coffee house chains are hiring highly skilled and trained baristas who can turn a boring cup of coffee into an artistic expression of your day. With designs sprinkled in cocoa on top, sprinkles and glitter added to frozen lattes and more, 2019 will see more and more unique and artistic coffees.

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