Social media tips for film crowdfunding

The biggest struggle for any independent filmmaker is a tight budget, or rather no budget at all. That’s why aspiring filmmakers are turning to crowdfunding platforms raise funds for their film ideas. But no matter how good your idea is, if you don’t have the right mix of resources and funds to create and promote your film, it will slip through the cracks. This article will explore social media fundraising tips that every filmmaker can use, to ensure his film gets successfully funded.

If you are new to the fundraising India world, here is a list of the most effective social media platforms for your film fundraising efforts to get a powerful boost. We’ve also listed out ways to best utilize each platform.


The biggest advantage of Facebook is its power of numbers, and the unlimited promotional campaigns you can run on it.

  • Create a film specific Facebook page, and share your crowdfunding campaign  link on it
  • Give regular updates about the film, shooting schedules and locations, and actors
  • Share your film teaser extensively, and ask people to like, share, comment, and give feedback about your film idea
  • Use Facebook Insights to gauge your outreach
  • Use Facebook Ads and post boosts for greater coverage


Think of Twitter as the voice of the people, and use it to start conversations. For instance, if your film is about an environmental cause, get people talking about global warming.

  • Limiting words in 140 characters helps keep people’s attention
  • Start conversations about the cause of your film, tell people why it needs to be made
  • Use a hashtag for your film
  • Reach out to influential celebrities and ask for their support
  • Get your audiences involved in tests, quizzes, and games, and don’t be afraid to offer rewards such as free tickets, or secret screening access.
  • Use twitter shoutouts to express gratitude to donors.
  • Ask for retweets, of course!


Here’s where you should be sharing your trailers and teasers and all other updates about your film. In addition, share other clips that revolve around the subject of your film.

  • Ensure that your Youtube channel description details why you’re raising money, along with a link to the crowdfunding campaign.
  • If your film is about an environmental cause, share clips of global warming and other environmental causes
  • Tell people the potential of this film in the environmental space if it gets funded
  • Post behind the scenes clips of actors and locations of your film


Every creative person should maintain a blog. Not only can you use it as a platform to showcase your work and put up our portfolio, but also create viral blog posts about your film, and the subject it is covering. Here are some benefits of maintaining a blog:

  • Draw in the community that is interested in the subject your film covers
  • Showcase your previous work
  • Use your blog to emotionally, and effectively narrate why you are raising funds for this film
  • Collect email from your audience so that you can use it to personally promote your crowdfunding campaign among potential donors.

Crowdfunding for films is about interactions with the right audience, and keeping them engaged in a discussion. This creates a buzz for your film. The success of your campaign relies heavily on how you market it, and to whom you market it to. A filmmaker can raise money online and use his crowdfunding marketing activities to not only raise funds, but also bring traction to his film, and vice-versa. All said and done, your film has a lot to gain from a good social media strategy for your campaign.

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