Sinking your Teeth with Montreal Style Smoked Meat

People in New York eat pastrami while Montreal people eat smoked meat sandwiches. However, it is Montreal who is smoking the competition. Although both pastrami and smoked meat utilize black pepper, garlic, coriander seeds and mustard as the key ingredients for seasoning, smoked meat sandwiches do not involve sugar during the curing stage however pastrami have a little more sweetish flavor. More than the Portuguese chicken, bagels, and even poutines, smoked meat sandwiches occupies a special place in the heart (maybe in the tongue) of the Quebec’s.

The History of Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwiches

The origins of Montreal’s smoked meat are uncertain and likely unresolvable. Jewish Delis first tried these sandwiches in Montreal which had an extensive influence of pastrami from New York. This mouth-watering sandwich is made by salting and curing beef briskets with spices. However, historian believes that the modern-day smoked meat sandwiches originated in Turkey and introduced by the Romanians after invading Turkish armies.

Top Essential Sandwiches in Montreal

Montreal Smoked meat sandwich – This is a type of kosher-style deli meat produced with seedless rye bread, and pile with hand sliced smoked meat (beef briskets). Especially the Jarry smoked meat sandwiches break all the classic rule for what a good sandwich should be and provide an awesome taste. The beef briskets are brined for up to 14 days in savory spices. It had a taste of juicy smoked meat and melted with white cheddar cheese. The think of it will make you crave for this sandwich.

Ramen Burger – Since the debut of the ramen burger, people waited for hours to get their hands on this salty burgers. It had a significant trend a few years back. Ramen burger is a hybrid of a typical American burger, and the Japanese noodle based dish and hence got this name.

Grilled Cheese Poutine – This is a fun riff of the classic Canadian dish. Made from hash browns instead of bread, this sandwich is loaded with mozzarella cheese and crispy bacon. In a nutshell, a combination of French fries and cheddar cheese curds on an oatmeal bread with bacon around it. Grilled cheese poutine is a real feast for the Canadians during lunch or dinner


Although the city has many next level sandwiches, yet nothing can be compared on par with the Montreal smoked meat sandwiches. Although it may look like pastrami, yet its unique flavor sets it apart.

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