Shamrock Catering – the Trusted Catering Company for Corporate in Hong Kong

Corporate institutions often hold events for various business purposes and in a bustling city like Hong Kong, corporate events are ubiquitous. Food for corporate events is usually made to impress, delicious yet dainty and light. And that is exactly what Shamrock Catering is thoroughly capable of. Being in the catering business for over two decades, Shamrock Catering knows what it takes for a corporate event to be successful – taste buds, entertainment, equipment and venue wise.

Making lasting impressions is what Shamrock Catering strives for – for corporate that seek their food catering services and other interlinked services that Shamrock Catering renders. The mainstay within corporate events is spoon catering – as part of fine dining, something Shamrock Catering is an expert in. Every morsel on the spoon is made from the freshest and choicest ingredients with strict quality control and quality assurance guidelines. Known as Shamrock Spoon Premium Catering, the tidbits are prepared by chefs who are masters in Asian, French and Mediterranean cuisine. The chefs’ repertoire is built by experience of working in the corners of the globe, Europe, Australia and Asia particularly.

Shamrock Catering can be trusted to make any corporate event an occasion to remember. The staff at Shamrock Catering is committed to make every corporate event a roaring success. The goal is of course to be evocative of the ‘Wow Factor’ for the guests and clients involved in the corporate events.

The menus are customized to suit a particular client’s preference and with Shamrock Catering’s multi-level services, corporate events have the guarantee to be wonderfully smooth and successful when they hire Shamrock Catering.

Shamrock Catering has catered for high profile events in Hong Kong, Jackie Chan’s 60th being on top of the list. To their credit, Shamrock Catering has received positive reviews from thoroughly satisfied clients. And they hope to chalk up more positive reviews by keeping their standards high and meeting the set standards always.

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