Seven Icon South African Foods that you need to try

South Africa is the country which lies in the second largest continent of Africa. This country lies on the extreme south of the African Continent and is surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The Republic of South Africa is famous for a number of reasons. However, there is one particular reason for the popularity of the country – Its Food.

The Republic of South Africa is famous for its culinary tastes which are a perfect blend of its cultures and ethnicities.  The diverse tastes of various cultures could be experienced together in the dishes of South Africa. Here are some of the Iconic Dishes of South Africa which you should never miss if you are planning to visit the Republic of South Africa.


These are strips of dried and spiced meat. The meat is generally made from beef or ostrich. These are naturally dried meat which is authentic to South Africa. These are usually air-dried meat which is made from a mixture of Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, and Spices. After the addition of Coriander and Pepper spices, these thin slices of meat are allowed to be dry in the air by natural means. Such naturally dried meat slices are filled with loads of protein and have negligible fat content. The Biltong made of ostrich meat is prepared in the same way except for the fact that they are flavored with chili and garlic instead of coriander and pepper.


These are the authentic beef sausages of South Africa. Besides beef, a certain quantity of lamb flavored with spices is added to make the dish more delicious and to improve its nutritional content. The Boerewors are usually known as Farmer’s Sausage due to its unusual coil shape and its high protein content. They are usually barbecued and sometimes pork is included along with the beef instead of lamb to make it softer. They are usually served with grilled onion and fresh ketchup. They also taste better with the traditional basil sauce and are usually served along with mashed potato and breadcrumbs. They are mostly preferred for breakfasts in most African Homes.


This is another popular South African Dish, which is the national dish of the country. Although this dish is believed to have been bough to Africa by Asian travelers, it is more popular in South Africa than Asia. It is kind of minced meet known for its medicinal values as it is cooked by adding herbs and dry fruits. Eggs and milk are also added to make it rich in protein. Powdered spices are usually added. However, some people prefer a sweeter version thereby adding Apricot Jam along with turmeric powder giving the dish a golden color. Some restaurants also serve it with almonds and coconut cream which is a must try dish for tourists.

Bunny Chow

This is one of the popular dishes which is popular in all countries from South Africa all the way up to London. However, the authentic Bunny Chows can be enjoyed only in the Republic of South Africa. It consists of a delicious curry stuffed inside a hollow loaf of bread. The curry which is usually spicy which tastes delicious along with sweet bread. Different varieties of meat such as Pork and Chicken are used to prepare the spicy curry. For people who prefer a vegetarian diet, the curry is made of beans and lentils. Some people fondly call it the African version of a Burger, which is not completely false.

The Cape Town Gatsby

This is one of the most popular Iconic South African Food which is a pretty long sandwich filled with fries which have been smeared with vinegar. It also consists of a Russian sausage along with egg and some masala steak. Due to its enormous size, it is impossible to eat it without dropping few pieces of fries on the table along with some sauce. The giant stack of the roll is considered to be the most economical meal in the entire country due to its huge size, delicious flavors and rich protein content offered at a very reasonable price across the country.


This is one of the very few desserts in the top 7 Iconic South African Foods which is on the list due to its immense popularity. It is a type of fried pastry popular throughout the country sporting a smooth texture. It has a weird twisted shape making it look like closely knitted strings. It is completely sweet as it is usually drenched in sugar syrup. Although most people would have tasted the sweeter version only very few tourists get to taste the spicy version which is available only in very few cities where the spicy dough is rolled with coconut in order to make it sweet.

Pap en Sous

This is one of the most common dishes in any South African Home. The consistency of the dish depends on the person. Few people like having it in thick consistency like a Porridge while few prefer having it as dry rolled up ball along with a tomato sauce dip.  The porridge version is usually cooked with corn maize flour in water rich in starch content. They are also served along with bread and salads. Some people also prefer enjoying the dish along with barbecued meat and Chakalaka which is a vegetable dish made of onions, tomatoes, beans, and spices.

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