Seasonal Gourmet Candy Boxes

Seasonal Gourmet Candy: A sweet way to celebrate everything!

Gourmet and artisan confections are taking over the hospitality and food market faster than ever before. Companies such as have jumped in to add a dimension of creativity and unique flavor to the super-hot trend of boxed food sets.

Now, you can celebrate year-round holidays with a gourmet candy box that is especially curated for each special occasion. Check out some suggestions for gift giving from the most popular selections in the market. You could become the talk of the party when you show up with one of these boxes in hand.

Easter Egg Hunt Gourmet Candy Box

Forget about waking up early on Easter Sunday to go hunting for candy-filled eggs. These boxes feature the popular treats that people connect the most to this mega popular Spring celebration.

A typical box would include chocolate Easter eggs, as well as gourmet confections made with cookies, chocolates, nuts, jelly beans, and other popular treats. Let the egg hunt come to you and enjoy the bounty from the comfort of home.

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Spring Gourmet Candy Box

Not feeling the Easter egg hunt spirit? Spring boxes feature the same delicious treats most known for the Easter season, upgraded to a more sophisticated level.

Pastel-colored Jordan Almonds, carrot cake truffles, and champagne Gummi Bears are mixed with sweet and salty caramel popcorn. All the flavors of the season come together in a variety of mixed flavors.

Going to any Easter Sunday lunches or Spring celebrations? Gift a Spring Gourmet Candy box to your hosts or hostesses to thank them for their hospitality. You will automatically become their favorite guest.

Gourmet Candy for the Festive Family

Nothing says “I love you” all year long than a well-stock care package filled with goodies that satisfy every taste bud imaginable. From peppermint bark, to sweet and salty toffee, these boxes are designed to please different types of sweet tooth.

These boxes are also perfect for the grosmangeur in your life who just loves to enjoy different foods. It is definitely a festive hodgepodge of many delicious things.

Date Night Gourmet Candy Box

Chilling at home, or going out for a picnic? Start a great conversation with delicious cotton candy. They melt quick in your mouth and are fun to eat together with a loved one. A typical box comes with 5 different delicious flavors of cotton candy, packed delicately and compact enough to throw in a picnic basket. The colors are beautiful, they are lightweight, and full of flavor.

Not sure what to get yet? Click on the boxes and see for yourself which options would go best with your unique circle of friends and family. You will be the talk of the party, because these boxes not only bring the best gourmet candy options, but the creativity behind them make them great conversation pieces as well. Enjoy your candy, and eat it, too! Try one of these delicious boxes!

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