Obtain fresh meat to prepare your dish

There is no doubt that when preparing any meat dish, quality of meat and how it is cut also affects the taste of dish prepared by its use. Many people are not aware of such facts and types of cuts, uses different ingredients to improve the dish flavor which might affect digestive system of individual consuming it. Knowing the right cut can help you to decide for how much time you need to boil that meat in order to prepare the same dish of your choice. Many dealers providing fresh meat do not encrypt on its packing about its cut or sell bad piece of meat which puts many people in confusion to which company they should go with in order to get right quality meat for them.

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When it comes to legal and best provider in United States then Smithfield Foods seems as the best and known provider for packaged meats. Such company provides fresh meats in five segments which include packaged meat, corporate, fresh pork, international and hog production. These companies make sure to deal with only fresh meat and encrypt the type of cut in their packing. Such companies believe in developing long term relationship with their clients and thereby providing the right quality meat.

Points to consider when buying such packaged meat

When fetching Smithfield Foods packaged meat one can consider some listed points:

  • Type of cut: Mainly, there are two types of cuts which are working and luxury cut. Luxury cut means animal was started cutting from its back while working cuts start from leg, shoulder or flank of animal. Any meat package labeled with marinating, stewing, bottom or top round defines working cut. Working cut meat needs to be cooked on low heat while luxury can be cooked on high heat.  
  • Color: It is the best way to decide whether meat you are purchasing is fresh or not. Fresh beef is of cherry red or dark red in color and chicken and pork is of pink color.

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