Important things to know about Karakul sheep breed

Karakul sheep may be the oldest of all domesticated sheep breeds. This breed is originally from Central Asia and the archaeological evidence indicates his existence as early as 1400 B.C. Nowadays, Karakul sheep breed is known for its quality meat and for the beautiful wool, well seen in the fashion industry.

Karakul sheep breed characteristics

The fact that this breed evolved under harsh conditions has given it strong and lasting teeth, a key to their long life. They are resistant to internal parasites and will go through a season of scant food or graze marginal land in which ordinary sheep would not survive.

The Karakul sheep are medium-sized animals and:

  • They usually stand tall, with a long and narrow body;
  • Their top line is highest at the loin with the rump long and sloping, blending into a low set broad tail;
  • They have long ears, which are always pointing downward and slightly forward.

The Karakul ewes are usually polled, while the rams are horned. Average live body weight of the mature karakul ewes varies from 45 to 60 kg, while that of the rams is between 60 and 85 kg. In the USA, Karakul sheep appears to be larger, weighing between 80-100 kg for rams and 50-70 kg for ewes.

Another interesting thing is that the ewes are very protective and attentive mothers, resulting in a high lamb survival rate. This is important for those who want to buy Karakul sheep flock, guaranteeing the success of the business.

Why buy Karakul sheep breed?

Karakul sheep are a multi-purpose breed and it is used for meat, milk, hides and, of course, for its beautiful wool. So, if you are looking for Karakul sheep flock for sale, you have to know that:

  • Karakul sheep meat – is very lean and tasty, being a culinary delicacy;
  • Karakul sheep milk – the breed’s abundant milk supply is used for butter and cheese;
  • Karakul sheep wool – especially lamb wool, is very well known in the fashion industry for their tight, curly pattern of hair.

They are of the fat broad-tailed type of sheep and the fat stored in their large tail is a source of nourishment, similar to the camel’s hump.

Many adult Karakul is double-coated. People separate the coarse guard hair from the undercoat. This breed is relatively coarse fibre used for outer garment, carpets and for felting.

Quality Karakul sheep for sale at Seradria

Seradria is a company founded in 1994 and its main object of activity is fattening, veterinary treating and sale of livestock – sheep lambs and cattle. So, if you are searching Karakul sheep for sale, then you are in the right place. Pay a visit to and learn more about the company’s activity, how this sheep breed is raised and what its characteristics are.

Over the years, the company has been receiving many requests from big countries, such as Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain and France and made a reputation for the quality of the Karakul sheep flocks which they sell. Transport plays a very important role in the activity, for continental Europe Seradria delivering the lambs/sheep by truck, each truck has a capacity of around 350-650 animals. For other countries, the lambs/sheep are transported by boat. For more safety, the company provides a sanitary veterinary certificate that is specific for each country – have been officially approved by both the Romanian and importing country’s sanitary veterinary national authorities.

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