How to know What Containers Work for Different Types of Food

You have made healthy and delicious food, and a lot was left over, you will need food storage containers to ensure that your food stays fresh and hygienic for longer (Visit SystemPak). In the market, there are so many different food storage containers, and you need to know the container that works for the different types of food to ensure your food safety.

Food storage containers come in two main shapes, round and square shapes. Both round and square shaped food containers have advantages and disadvantages. Round shaped food storage containers offer faster cooling for hot food and proper air circulation in the food. They also take up more space on your storage unit than their square counterparts. Square food storage containers tend to hold more food content in a smaller area than round food storage containers. Your choice between round shaped food containers and square shaped food containers will be influenced mainly by your storage space and general preference.

The containers also come in different sizes, 1 qt, 2qt, 3.5 qt, 4qt, 12qt, 18qt, and 22qt. Once you have chosen the shape of your food storage containers, the next step is to choose their sizes. The sizes you choose will be influenced by what you plan to use your containers for could be dry ingredients such as cereals, cooked food, fresh groceries, and wet ingredients. 

Food storage containers are made of different materials. Plastic food containers with lids are the most common food containers and are cheaper than other materials glass containers, come with glass, aluminium, or wooden tops for you to choose depending on your preference. Brushed stainless steel containers add an elegant touch to your countertops with their clear covers, ensuring you have a view of what is inside. Ceramic food containers offer a fancy look to your kitchen. They are strong yet breakable with different lids to them some of the lids will create a seal once you click at the centre while others lock on either two or four sides.

Other Features
Food storage containers have quite several features that can be added to them to make them distinguishable. These features are such as different coloured lids. Proper food storage containers have covers to ensure that your stored food remains fresh until you use them. With lids, it’s not only the colour that distinguishes the containers but also the type of the lid. Cambro seal cover lids have an inner and outer seal making them tight fitting and spill resistant; this means that you can put the container upside down without the risk of spilling the contents. These lids tend to be a little bit more expensive. Another container lid type is the Snap-on, it has an airtight fit and is spill resistant but with no guarantees that if you put the container upside down, that no spillage will occur. These lids are easy to put on and off and are less expensive.

Stack ability
If you are looking to maximize your storage space, it is crucial that your storage containers can easily be stacked together when in use and when empty nest together.
The choice of the right food container will be determined by you depending on what you are planning to store, your budget, etc.

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