How pizza conquered the world

Italy has conquered the world by inventing pizza! This tasty fast food is a favorite worldwide. Although pizza was born earlier, it is considered that the first modern pizza was made in Naples in the late 18th century.

The history of Pizza

Queen Margherita loved pizza, so her chef created a lot of various pizzas according to her taste. Her favorite pizza used to be that with Italian flag colors – basil – green, mozzarella – white, and tomatoes – red! Yes, that’s Margherita pizza we know today! This meal worthy of a queen become a favorite all around the world.

During World War II, soldiers from all around the world were delighted with the taste of pizza, so they took the original pizza recipe back home. After a while, every country added some ingredients and modified the original pizza recipe according to their tastes.

But back in Italy, in 1984, because of mass demand for pizza, the Italians formed the TNPA (True Neapolitan Pizza Association). As authentic Italian pizza, they consider only Margherita and Marinara. Margherita contains only basil, mozzarella and tomatoes, while the ingredients for Marinara are tomato, garlic, oregano, extra virgin olive oil, and basil. Also, the dough must be handmade with traditional types of flour and yeast.

The Russo family pizza recipe

While the pizza slowly conquered the world, the Russo family brought the original pizza to New York City. The Russo family brought a 100-year-old recipe, which gave them an edge over the competition.

Carefully selected ingredients for pizza dough, hand-crushed tomatoes, freshly picked vegetables, fresh Italian cheese, and correctly selected spices are the root of success.

Meanwhile, according to the taste of a lot of people, the pizza got more ingredients. For example, the Russo family provides guests with the ability to create the perfect pizza! After you choose a pizza crust, you can choose the sauce from pesto, olive oil garlic sauce, Russo’s pizza sauce, Alfredo sauce and, truffle mushroom sauce. The third step provides you with the opportunity to choose the topping from traditional toppings to premium ones.  

Traditional toppings are bacon, beef, crumbled sausage, sliced sausage, pepperoni, anchovies, mozzarella, feta cheese, gorgonzola cheese, pecorino cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, ricotta cheese, fresh spinach, roasted garlic, roasted peppers, white and red onions, pineapple, different types of olives and tomatoes, artichoke hearts, peppers, fresh Jalapeños, and fresh mushrooms.

Russo’s traditional toppings are buffalo mozzarella, goat cheese, chicken sausage, grilled chicken, sliced meatballs, roasted cauliflower, Soppressata salami, portabella mushrooms, prosciutto di Parma, pancetta ham, Brussels sprouts, eggs, fresh arugula, and fresh kale.

That’s how everyone can create a perfect taste! Always fresh and carefully selected ingredients are the motto of the Russo family! If you want, you can select authentic pizza ingredients, but if you would like to try something new, the Russo family can provide you with the best pizza! It’s great that they can do both!

Stay home and taste a piece of Italy

This proud Italian family managed to expand the restaurant chain thanks to its franchise in Austin, Brownsville, Conroe, Dallas, Galveston, Harlingen, Houston, League City, McAllen, Pearland, San Antonio, Spring, South Padre Island, Sugarland, The Woodlands, TX, Tulsa, OK, Miami, FL, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Riyad, Saudi Arabia. Also, there are a lot of available markets!

Besides pizza, Russo’s pizzeria offers appetizers, salads, and soups, calzones, sandwiches, desserts and chef specialties.

If you are ready to taste the best Italian food, you should try something from Russo’s pizzeria. The main chef Anthony Russo is innovative and unique. The very thought of the specialty he is preparing, and the scent that spreads around his kitchen will make you hungry!

The Russo family enabled you to try real Italian food worldwide. Now you don’t have to visit Italy to try Italian food!

Finally, if you are thinking about starting your own pizzeria, you can check out their tips on starting a pizza franchise.

If Italian food has defeated your soul too, we can only say Buon appetite!

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