Good food served with responsibility

They are very few people who are passionate about their profession. This passion of excellence in the field you are is not driven by the sole objective of making profits. It is to deliver the very best quality to the consumers and bringing smiles and satisfaction on the faces of millions customers .This satisfaction and the smile which makes them work harder and harder to achieve their benchmarks set by themselves. Smithfield Food is one such brand which has created a bonding of trust and quality among consumers.

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From farm to dining table

The company not only owns food processing units but also owns farms to ensure the very best quality of meat and its variants brought to the food processing units. The company with its field force of over 50,000 employees ensures that the animals are reared in the best possible way following the very best rearing practices. Thus getting the best animals, which are healthy and not fed with excess of anti biotic to contaminate their meat. Thus, ensuring that the trust bestowed by them by the consumers is not breached and the consumer gets the best value of his money.

Want to join the legacy?

If you have the same passion to excel in doing whatever you do then this opportunity to join this legacy is for you. You can be a part of this field force if you have positivity in you apart from your technical qualifications earned in the college. You must have the passion which is not taught in any business school.

The food industry is a wide field with numerous job for which one can apply. From rearing meat to cooking food, you can join a part of the industry for which you are passionate. There are wide options that can be explored by you.

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