Complete Packs of Stock fish With the Right Deals

Wild or farmed fish, in net or whole, the choice is vast facing the fishmonger’s stall. Ten key points in choosing your fish. They live in the wild and do not grow in overcrowded cages like most livestock products. The only black spot is that they are sometimes contaminated by toxic residues, methyl mercury, and PCBs. To avoid the risks associated with these substances, the National Food Safety Agency recommends consuming fish twice a week by combining a fish with a high omega 3 contents and a lean fish.

Consume Local

Privilege fish from fishing is perfect. They are cooler because they have not traveled thousands of miles before reaching your plate. Besides, you help to support an often artisanal sector and to maintain employment on our shores. The Stockfish Dealer Packs are there for your requirement.

Respect the Seasons

As with fruits and vegetables, seasonality is a criterion of quality and sustainability. Fish, shellfish, and crustaceans are much tastier and cheaper during their peak season.

Avoid Tropical Shrimp

To meet their growing demand, their breeding has intensified in the countries of South-East Asia and Brazil, Mexico and Ecuador, in environmental and social conditions most often deplorable. There are however some more responsible productions. They are mainly from Madagascar.

Select Whole Fish Instead Of Fillets

They are cheaper, and this is the only way to ensure their freshness (clear and transparent eyes, tense skin, shiny scales, etc.).

Vary Your Menus

Several hundred species are found in European waters. Diversity is not found in our plates where we usually prefer salmon, cod or imported shrimp. Too bad, because by expanding its choices to unsung fish (pout, redfish, place, horse mackerel, lean, conger, etc.), we can contribute to the more balanced exploitation of marine resources.

Take Advantage of “Good Opportunities”

It exists in all fishmongers depending on the season and arrivals. You can have fun at a lower cost, as long as you do not confine yourself to noble species. Feel free to freeze some of your purchases, to make the most of the lessons when they are down.

Supply at Fishmongers

They are professionals, and their tight supply allows them to closely monitor the quality and freshness of their products at the rate of arrivals and tides. A man has learned long ago to raise them without inputs, relying on the natural resource lavished on him by the marine environment.

Buy “Sustainable” Fish

Often published by environmental organizations, most distinguish endangered and avoidable species from those that can be safely consumed. In reality, things are not so simple. One species may be overexploited in one area while stocks are abundant in another. Above all after buying an excellent turbot or a kilo of mussels you can get the Stock fish Dealer Packs? Do not make the mistake of overcooking them or drowning them in the sauce. The fresh fish is eaten with ease! Once in the kitchen, looks what is left at the bottom of the pan: if the fish is fresh it will release an abundant amount of liquid, but if the fish is dry and tasteless, it shows that the fish was overcooked and thawed.

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