Choose Growler Jars for Storing the Beer and with Friends

Beer lovers find growler jars to be the ideal place for them to store their favorite drink. These jars and containers store tap beer for convenience. The size of most of these growler jars are 64 oz but you may also get different sizes of the jars, ranging from 10 oz to about 192 oz. So, that’s a huge size. The 192 oz one and some of these huge ones have got a tap attached to them for easy disposing of the liquid within.

Choosing the right size for storing beer

Now, you may want to know why you need these growlers for your beer! Well, they are easy to take beer from one place to another. You can find different sizes of these containers but the medium ones of around 1/2 gallon are the favorite for people as they allow them to buy and store the beer for some days in them. The growler shop in Fort Worth will help you to choose the right size of the jar for your use. The beer also stays fresh and sprinkling when it is stored in these jars.

Good for storing more beer

These growler jars are good for storing beer as they are made of glass or ceramic. You will also find metal jars that are used for storing. These jars are environment friendly and using these jars helps you to eliminate the use of cans of beer that take up more space in the fridge too. The cans also store small quantity though you pay more for them in terms of oz. Hence, buying growler jar is better for you for storing purpose, since it is economical as well.

Bigger container for more friends

You may arrange your weekend party with your friends and you would need bigger quantity of beer. These jars would be the right choice for storing the quantity of beer that you want for the party; and you can buy this container of beer and cut off the hassles of buying too many cans of beer. The guests would love you as a host when you store such huge quantity of beer for them!

Freshness retained and protects from UV

Beer must be taken when it is fresh and bubbly. When you buy such container for beer, buying and taking it home becomes easier. You can get fresh beer from any brewery and take it home safely. You often go to other places, like the grocery and the distributor or visit a friend’s home before reaching your home. Beer then goes to your fridge. When the beer is sealed in the growler, it retains the freshness and the sparkle of the beer. You can also enjoy your beer sitting at home for a long time without going out to buy beer to the growler bar Fort WorthStainless steel or glass containers look traditional and help to protect the beer from UV rays too.

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