Baby lambs for sale from Romanian livestock exporters

Due to favorable geographic positioning, close to Central Europe and with access to the Black Sea, many Romanian sheep breeders consistently exports livestock in Europe, and, via sea routes to the Mediterranean region, in North Africa, on Eastern Mediterranean coast, and in some countries from Arab Peninsula like Israel and Lebanon.

Reasons for choosing to buy lambs from Romanian livestock exporters

Let`s see some reasons:

  • There are more than 1,000 breeds of livestock sheep worldwide and Romania is one of the largest exporters of livestock (currently holding 3rd place in Europe), with the highest increase in sheep flocks.
  • Romania is a country with a favorable environment including pasturing fields and beautiful hills for the lambs and sheep.
  • Romanian livestock exporters are selling lambs at great prices.
  • In Romania, the foundation of the livestock business consists in raising lambs in a healthy way, with all the important source of animal fiber and with fodder at the highest standard of quality.
  • For Israel, some livestock exporters – like Seradria, one of the biggest Romanian exporters, with experience in the sheep breeding, slaughtering and trading from 1994 – castrate all the lambs and make all the blood analysis and vaccines required extra by the Israel authorities.

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Live lambs for sale in Romania. What kind of lamb can you buy?

One of the most popular breeds which are available for sale in Romania is Tsurcana – “The Queen of the Mountains” – a multi-purpose breed raised for milk, meat and wool production, with 69.9 % of all Romanian sheep.

Tsurcanas have a denser underwool, are white, grey or black, and are very well adapted to the alpine pasture.

The second most important sheep breed in Romania, with 24.3 % of the national sheep herds.

This breed is kept extensively in mountainous and sub-mountainous regions with large pasture areas.

Also, in Romania you can find the Karakul sheep, which belongs to the fat-tailed or fat-rumped group of breeds that is characterized by the fat deposit at the base of the tail.

The meat of this breed of sheep have a good quality and the fat from the tail is very tasty.

It is recommended to buy and eat lamb because the consumption of this kind of meat provides a lot of benefits to the human body.

In fact, various studies show that lamb is an excellent iron source – even richer in this type of nutrient than chicken or fish meat – and it is a nervous system health promoter, immune booster, a rich source of healthy fats and protein powerhouse.

Lambs for sale via online

Like I said at the beginning, one of the biggest livestock exporters from Romania is Seradria, a company with an experience of over 20 years in sheep breeding and selling lambs.

The farm has 10 ha2 and a capacity of 150,000 sheep, lambs, cattle and bulls, and is created in accordance with all standardization required by the Union European and has all the necessary conditions and utilities for livestock, fattening, veterinary treating and sale of the sheep and cattle.

Seradria selling lambs at good prices in different European countries, but also in Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon and Israel. Moreover, for Israel, Seradria castrates all the lambs that are prepared for export, and also make all the blood analysis and vaccines required extra by the authorities. Livestock vessels are able to reach to destinations in 4 to 6 days, depending on the weather on the sea.

If you’re considering to buy lambs via online, you can find the company on

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