3 Occasions That Call for Steak

If you are a meat-lover, having a properly prepared steak as a meal is one of the best things you can get. For some, eating this dish on ordinary days can be a tad bit indulgent. What better excuse to eat premium meats than on special occasions? We gathered a list of celebrations that can go perfectly with steak:

Success at Work

As part of the workforce, one of the best things that could happen to you can be related to your work. Whether it be the promotion you have been waiting for or the fruitful culmination of a project you have been working on, there is nothing better than eating high-end, choice meats to celebrate your success.

Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue US, eats high-protein meals for lunch. One of her staples is – you guessed it – steak! So, if you can dress for success, why not eat for success even just once in a while?

A Loved One’s Birthday

Birthdays are important occasions for celebrants and their loved ones. It celebrates life as well as indicates another milestone in life. Going to a premium steakhouse in Bangkok can be a great celebration with friends and family. It never hurts to get this decadent meal for your birthday. After all, you only get to live once so treat yourself with a good serving of steak.

Couple’s Anniversary

For couples, their anniversary is an occasion that shows how they endured challenges in the past year. People often choose to spend time on a romantic date. However, you might want a more intimate celebration and the best way to do this is to create a fine dining set up at home. There are a lot of dishes you can prepare, but for your celebration, a steak can give your night a more luxurious vibe.

Just make sure that you choose the right cut for you and your partner. A high-end cut is characterised by a tender texture and a full flavour. You might want to choose ribeye or tenderloin to give your meal a buttery note due to beautiful marbling of the meat. Moreover, take note of the level of doneness you and your partner prefer. One way to know the level of doneness is to feel how soft or hard the meat is as it cooks. Most sophisticated palates go for medium rare, which is slightly soft with a pink centre.

Your night can be perfect especially with the right music to set the mood. To cap the night off, you can bring out a bottle of your favourite wine.

By getting the finest steaks for your occasion, you have an excuse to indulge your appetite whilst also sharing memorable moments with friends and family. You can try different types of cuts from various kinds of beef to expand your culinary experience and have a taste of these luxurious items.

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